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“Running baseball, a big boost in the fall” 6 stolen bases → knockout blow, KS too? Reckless? You’re welcome… LG players who run when they go out, a big picture and a big realization.

The LG Twins used soul-sucking, running baseball to catch specialty sidearm Ko Young-pyo.

LG shook off Young-pyo Ko to score six runs in six innings in their 13th game of the season against KT at KT Wiz Park in Suwon on Sunday, winning 11-4.

The pitcher is second in the KBO with 18 quality starts behind Doosan’s Raul Alcantara. He has a good fastball and a changeup that comes like a fastball, making it hard to hit. LG’s key offense was running the bases.

In the top of the third inning, Moon Sung-joo doubled down the right field line and Park Hae-min hit an infield single that bounced hard toward second base, putting runners on first and third. Park Hae-min stole second base on a wild pitch by Ko Young-pyo, who was not quick enough. Hong Chang-ki doubled down the right field line. Park Hae-min stole second to tie the game.

In the top of the fourth inning, with the score tied at 2-3, Ko Young-pyo was hit by a pitch.

One out later, Moon Bo-kyung singled to center field for the second straight at-bat. After stealing second base, Oh Ji-hwan singled to left, tying the game at 3-3. Park Dong-won singled to center field, putting runners on first and second. After stealing second, Oh stole third and came home on Moon Sung-joo’s grounder to first to make it 4-3. There was a stolen base every time until the game-winning run.

LG took the lead for good in the top of the sixth inning when Moon Bo-kyung delivered her third hit of the day against Ko Young-pyo and then Oh Ji-hwan pulled a three-pitch 135-kilometer fastball over the right field fence like a clothesline. LG took a 6-3 lead in the top of the eighth inning when Park Dong-won hit his 19th solo home run of the season in the middle of the month.

Unable to stop LG’s run-heavy baseball, Ko Young-pyo threw 103 pitches over six innings, allowing 10 hits, one walk, and six runs for his seventh win of the season (10 wins). Six runs in two consecutive September games, following a six-run outing in five innings against Kiwoom on the 1st. Significantly improved his ERA to 2.99, up from 2.45 through August.

“I probably saw the pitcher’s habits and played when I was sure,” said Oh, who went 2-for-4 with a two-run homer, three RBIs, a walk and a stolen base, including a crucial triple.스포츠토토

On the team’s aggressive play this season, the captain said, “I don’t think we’ve been able to make bold plays in fall baseball. “I don’t think we’ve been able to do that in fall ball, but I think it might help us in the moment, so we’re looking at it more positively,” he said. “When you’ve made a lot of runs, no matter where you are on the field, it can be a little overwhelming just thinking about it. You’re not always going to make a perfect throw, and if you’re worried about it, you might make a mistake. It puts a lot of pressure on the defense. Especially in the short game, I’m more nervous, but I realize I might need it.”

“In fall baseball, you’re going to have a lot of one-, two-, and three-hitters, and you’re not going to have a lot of chances to get a hit. You can get a hit, get a walk, get a hit by pitch, get a run. If you steal third, you can easily score a run,” he said, emphasizing the need for running baseball.

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