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Sangmyung University’s Jung Hyun “I feel more responsible” as the university grows every year

Sangmyung University’s 187-centimeter (F) Jung-hyun Choi continues to grow and make his presence felt every year.

Sangmyung University earned a comfortable 101-78 victory over Chosun University on Nov. 13 at Chosun University Gymnasium. With the win, Sangmyung snapped a nine-game losing streak and secured 11th place (2-11). Had they lost, they would have finished the season in 12th place, the lowest spot in the league’s history.

Sangmyung University faced Chosun University with only six players, as even Kim Tae-ho was out with an ankle injury. All the players on the court did their part to lead the way to the big win.

Choi Jung-hyun helped his team to victory with 13 points, five rebounds, and six assists, including three three-pointers.

In the first four games of the season, he was barely a presence. Despite being a shooter, he attempted few three-pointers and missed the rim on every one of his attempts.

That changed on April 6 against Kyung Hee University. He made 11 three-pointers. Compared to the nine attempts in the previous four games, it shows how aggressive he became. He didn’t just shoot a lot. He made five three-pointers. After breaking out of his slump with a 17-point performance, he would actively attempt three-pointers in subsequent games, whether they were successful or not.

Along with Hong Dong-myung, he should be responsible for Sangmyung’s perimeter defense. He needs to shoot when he has the opportunity to do so, so that Sangmyung’s offense can run smoothly. The match against Chosun University was the culmination of this.

“We were on a long (nine) game losing streak, but I was mentally prepared before the game, so it feels good to win,” said Jeong-hyun after the win.

“When I was playing a practice game with Bae Jae-go before the start of the college league, I injured my ankle and couldn’t play, so I couldn’t get up and was sluggish,” he said. “One day, the coach said, ‘Be confident,’ and I played with the mindset of playing defense first, so my shots went in, my body went up, and the game went well.”

Although he entered Sangmyung University with high expectations as a shooter, he had a low profile. This was partly due to his lack of playing time, but also because he was less aggressive. In his sophomore year, he shot a lot of three-pointers, but he seemed to be pushed aside by his junior, Hong Dong-myung. This year, however, he has become more confident and active, and has become an indispensable player on the team.

“I feel like I’m getting better every year, and my mindset is different as a senior,” he said. “In the first and second years, my brothers did it for me, but in the third year, I feel like I have to do it as a senior, and I have more responsibility, so I focus more on that part.”

When asked about the game against Chosun University, he said, “In the beginning, I started with defense and rebounding, but after the score difference widened, I got greedy to attack, so my play didn’t come out.” “When I had a chance to shoot, my role is a shooter, so if I didn’t shoot, the offense would be stiff, so I took a chance when I had a chance,” he said.

The regrettable thing is that when the dribble is inevitably long, it usually ends in a mistake.

“That’s a weakness, so I’m working on it,” he said.

One of the players who took advantage of his shooting chances was Kwon Soon-woo, a classmate of his. He often scored off of her passes, and much of Kwon’s six assists on the day were due to her scoring.

“I know Kwon Soon-woo the best because I’ve been playing with her a lot, so I have a natural chemistry with her,” he said.메이저사이트

Sangmyung University has a final game in the KU Basketball League against Korea University, but the team is more concerned about the MBC ship, where injured players will return.

“We didn’t do enough in the college league, so in the MBC Varsity, we have to focus on what the coach wants with one heart and one mind for each game,” said Jung Hyun.

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