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Son Heung-min & Kane, our true trophy might have been friendship… New mockery appeared

 A new form of expression mocking Spurs’ military service has emerged.

On the 12th (Korean time), the British soccer platform ‘Troll Football’ posted a post related to Tottenham attacking duo Son Heung-min and Harry Kane on Twitter.

‘Troll Football’ mocked, saying, “Kane and Son Heung-min will retire from Tottenham, thinking, ‘Maybe the colleagues (friends) we made in the past are real trophies’.”

This is a post that made it an established fact that Tottenham, which has been unrelated for 15 years since winning the League Cup in 2008, will not win the championship until ‘Sonke Duo’ retires. The two are running first in the Premier League’s career joint goals category, but they have yet to lift the championship cup.

‘Friendship is the true trophy’ is an expression that contains a lot of ridicule. Fans who came across this post responded with “Poor Thorne”, “Sad but beautiful ending”, “Cruel” and “Both leave Tottenham”. One fan explained that the phrase appears in the manga ‘One Piece’. 온라인바카라

Meanwhile, Premier League legend Alan Shearer was convinced that a statue would be erected at Tottenham Stadium even if Kane, who scored 200 goals in the league ahead of the match between Leicester and Tottenham on the 12th, does not win.

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