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‘Spring on the Bansan’ came back… Choi Jeong, will he laugh at a ‘face-to-face match’ after a long time?

Corona 19, which hit the world in 2020, had a great impact on Go. Many of the competitions that were held in the form of a face-to-face match where you sit and face each other have been replaced by online matches. In particular, the world competitions where Korean, Chinese, and Japanese Go players competed were all online matches.

Spring comes again to the baduk that was like that. As Corona 19 calms down little by little, there is a movement to switch from an online game to a face-to-face game again. The signal flare is the Senko Cup World Women’s Best Go Championship, which opens in Japan on the 3rd.

The Senko Cup, which celebrates its 5th this year, will be held from the 3rd to the 5th at the Gaie Hotel in Tokyo, Japan. It is the first world competition to be held face-to-face in the era of Corona 19.

Established in 2018, this tournament has won 10 million yen until the second tournament in 2019, the most among all women’s tournaments.

Then, due to Corona 19, the 2020 tournament was canceled, and from the 3rd tournament resumed in 2021, the prize money was reduced to 5 million yen as it switched to an online game. Then, as they returned to face-to-face matches this time, the prize money increased to 10 million yen again. 먹튀검증

This tournament will be held as an 8-man tournament with 4 players from Japan, the host country, and 1 player from Korea, China, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Japan, where Ueno Asami 4th dan won the championship in the 4th tournament, will try to lose in a row in this tournament. Sumire Nakamura (3rd Dan), Ueno (Senko Cup), Rina Fujisawa (6th Dan), New Eiko 4th Dan (Senko Cup), etc.

In Korea, Choi Jeong 9th dan (27, photo) was invited to participate. Choi Jeong-eun, who participated in the 5th consecutive tournament from the 1st, has no winning relationship with this tournament.

In the first tournament, he placed third, and in the second and third tournaments, he lost to his rival, China’s Yu Zhiying, 7th Dan (6th Dan at the time). In the 4th tournament, he lost to Ueno and was eliminated in the first round.

For Choi Jeong, who reached the peak of her skills by reaching the finals of a major world tournament for the first time as a female driver in the Samsung fire boat last year, the Senko Cup can be said to be the remaining homework.

Another favorite for the championship, China, will be Zhou Hongyu, 6th Dan, who won the 2020 Wu Qingwen Cup World Women’s Championship and is currently No. 2 in China’s women’s rankings. Taiwan’s Lu Yuhua 4th Dan, who won the runner-up in the 4th tournament, and Vietnam’s Kuyananha Ama 6th Dan will participate.

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