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SSG, which was competing for the lead with one foreigner, finally has a foreigner one-two punch… Elias sorties against LG on the 24th

 The schedule for SSG Landers’ new foreign pitcher, Roennis Elias, has been decided.

SSG coach Kim Won-hyeong explained Elias’ pitching schedule ahead of the match against the Lotte Giants at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 19th.

This is Elias, who joined as a substitute foreign player for Annie Romero, who was expelled after not playing a game. On the 18th, he started in the 2023 KBO Futures League Samsung 2nd team match held at Gyeongsan Ball Park and recorded 4 hits, 2 strikeouts, 1 walk and 1 run in 3⅔ innings.

All faced 16 batters. He threw a total of 60 pitches (39 strikes / 21 balls), and recorded the highest speed of 147 km per hour with a fastball. He checked his condition by throwing a curveball, changeup, and slider. 메이저사이트

Lee Dae-soo, head coach of the Futures, said, “Considering today’s 11 o’clock game and adaptation to the mound due to rain, it seems that the first team will have more speed and more fastball power in the future.” “First of all, the overall ball control was good, and the pitching rhythm and balance It was also good. In particular, the changeup was easy to steal timing against right-handed hitters, and the curve was also powerful.”

As long as Elias has no problems with his physical condition, he will start preparing for the mound next week. Director Kim Won-hyung said, “I think it will be decided naturally. It was decided naturally as the game was canceled yesterday (19th). Next Wednesday is empty, but we will play on Wednesday.” 

Elias’ debut game was set for the match against the LG Twins at SSG Landers Field on the 24th.

In the case of Song Young-jin, who was originally included in the starting rotation, he will now return to the bullpen. Manager Kim Won-hyeong said, “Song Young-jin waits in the bullpen for three consecutive weekends.” /

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