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‘Suwon FC Commander’ Yoon Beetgaram on facing the champions: “Ulsan? There’s more ‘hot space’ than you think”

Suwon FC’s ‘midfield commander’ Yoon Beom-garam is confident ahead of their meeting with the defending champions. He knows his opponents have their weaknesses.

The Hana OneQ K League 2023 Round 16 match between Suwon Samsung and Suwon FC kicked off at 6 p.m. on March 3 at Suwon World Cup Stadium in Suwon. The result was 2-1 in favor of the away team, Suwon FC. Suwon FC scored back-to-back goals in the 44th minute by Yoon Beom-garam and the 23rd minute by Oh In-pyo to defeat Suwon Samsung, who recovered from a goal by Han Ho-gang in the 37th minute. Suwon FC finally broke their four-game losing streak.

Yoon Beom-garam played a revolutionary role in Suwon FC’s victory over Suwon Samseong. He orchestrated the game throughout the match and, most importantly, gave Suwon FC the lead with a precise shot in the first goal. In his first game since returning from injury, Yoon proved himself to be in good form. It was a performance that could also help the team prepare for their next match against Ulsan Hyundai.

After the game, Yoon said, “We were on a losing streak and needed a result. In the scoring situation, I made eye contact with Jang Jae-woong and he saw it and put the ball up,” he said, adding, “I try to enjoy the game. There is pressure, but I think enjoyment can bring results.”

Yoon is also trying to repay coach Kim Do-gyun’s “faith” as much as possible. “He doesn’t say much, and I think that’s faith. If there is a problem, we can solve it through talking.”

Suwon FC had created an optimal situation before the match against Ulsan. Ulsan had a strong side last season as well, so the team will be able to take advantage of that at home. Yoon Beetgaram is also looking forward to the game.

“Ulsan is a team with a lot of possession. However, if we play as a team like Suwon Samsung Electronics and focus on counterattacking, we will have chances. If we take advantage of that, it will be a good game. There are more ‘open spaces’ than you think. We just need to utilize those spaces well.”메이저사이트

Suwon FC will be sending off Park Joo-ho, who has played for the national team in Europe, after the match against Ulsan. Park has announced his retirement. Yoon, along with his teammates, wanted to give him a gift.

“I want to send him off in a good mood, smiling and clapping, and I personally think we should bring home a victory.”

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