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The 11 most expensive best of all time… ‘Eat and run’ is half

Just because the ransom is expensive doesn’t mean you’re good at soccer.

On the 3rd (Korean time), British media 90MIN unveiled the best 11 players with the most expensive transfer fee ever. ‘Failure’ is half of it.

Neymar, Kylian Mbappe (Paris Saint-Germain), Joao Felix (Chelsea), and Ousmane Dembele (FC Barcelona) have been named in the forefront. 

The double failure is Felix. Atletico Madrid, the original team, acquired Felix with a transfer fee of 127 million euros (approximately 170 billion won). However, Felix failed to show his talent in Spain and moved on loan to Chelsea last month.

It is ambiguous to see Neymar and Dembele as ‘successful’. Neymar, who left Barcelona in 2017, was unable to show off his skills due to frequent injuries. His performance this season has been excellent, but he has often been talked about.  토토사이트

Dembele was also a synonym for ‘eating and running’. He, too, was stigmatized as a ‘glass body’. He has been evaluated as an all-time talent, but he has never fully digested a season at Barcelona. He changed drastically after Xavi Hernandez took over as manager last season. He started to come alive in the second half and recorded 13 assists, winning the Spanish Primera Liga assist king. He has continued his mood this season as well, scoring 5 goals and 5 assists in 18 league appearances.

Philippe Cochinho (Aston Villa) is also a failure for Barcelona. Coachinho, who used to be a Liverpool ace, wore a Barcelona shirt in January 2018. Since then he has been sluggish again and again. There were many evaluations that he did not melt into Barcelona’s play. Eventually, in July of last year, he was called by his colleague, coach Steven Gerrard, and joined Aston Villa.

Harry Maguire (Manchester United), who was named in the defensive line, and goalkeeper Kepa Arizabalaga (Chelsea) also failed to live up to expectations. Centre-back Maguire’s frequent mistakes made Manchester United fans uneasy. Kepa also felt less secure. As they are the most expensive players in each position, criticism towards them continues.

Enso Fernandes, who recently joined Chelsea, also took a spot in midfield. Enso recorded a transfer fee of 121 million euros (approximately 162 billion won). Enso’s mission is to overcome the pressure and prove its worth.

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