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The 34-year-old closer, the secret of 70 pitches in the bullpen… WBC starting pitcher transformation? ‘There is nothing impossible’

“How about the selection against Australia?”

NC closer Lee Yong-chan had 15 wins as a starting pitcher (in 2015 when he was in Doosan), and even as a closer, he had 20 or more saves four times. Still, looking back on my career, it is true that the finishing experience is a bit more than the starting experience. Even after he moved to NC, he has been in charge of the finish all along. This season, the NC finisher is Lee Yong-chan.

On the 9th, Lee Yong-chan threw about 70 balls from the bullpen at Annex Field in Reed Park, Tucson, Arizona, USA, NC’s spring camp. In the case of pitchers going to the WBC, it is true that their pitching pace is faster than in previous years. Even so, it was surprising that the bullpen pitcher threw so many pitches. The reporter goes round every team that’s camped in Arizona, and he hasn’t seen a pitcher who has thrown 70 or so out of the bullpen.

Lee Yong-chan consistently exchanged conversations with the catcher in a loud voice and checked his fastball and main weapon forkball. As he exited the bullpen, he told coach Park Seok-jin, “Today’s feeling and balance were the best.” After that, he took a deep breath, changed his clothes, and stood in front of reporters.

Lee Yong-chan said, “It was the fifth bullpen. I originally threw like this at this time. I think it’s because young players don’t throw. I did. I had to throw it to some extent from a young age to improve my condition. Today is the maximum number. Now reduce the number and increase the intensity. The strength today is 7-80%.” 바카라사이트

Even Lee Yong-chan said that he threw 100 at this time when he was a starting pitcher. He should be treated with respect as it is his own routine. He has to go to the WBC national team camp from the 15th, so Lee Yong-chan may be a pitcher optimized for the WBC, who needs to be in 100% condition in March.

However, Lee Yong-chan may actually be a starting pitcher in the WBC. He said, “I met coach Lee Kang-cheol by chance at a restaurant yesterday, and he asked me how to start for the game against Australia. He said Australian batsmen were weak against falling balls. He has to think about that when he starts against Australia.”

The WBC has a pitch limit. In the case of the first round, the starting pitcher is actually the first pitcher to mound. For this reason, it seems that coach Lee will virtually ignore the existing positions of the 15 pitchers and thoroughly operate the mound according to their relativity and condition. It is difficult to say that there is no possibility of starting the first game for Lee Yong-chan, who has a definite weapon, the forkball. The fact that he has already thrown 70 pitches and the fact that he has experience as a starting pitcher in the past also increases his chances of starting against Australia.

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