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‘The 8th day of moving to Korea’ Director Abondanza, between trial and error and the dignity of defeat


On the 26th, GS Caltex beat Heungkuk Life Insurance with a set score of 3-2 (25-17, 25-17, 29-31, 23-25, 25-19, 15-10). It was a close match that lasted 2 hours and 28 minutes. 

Looking at the overall index, Heungkuk Life Insurance was never a game that was far behind. However, the toss continued to falter and the low RBI score was somewhat disappointing. On this day, Kim Yeon-kyung scored 28 points, Yelena 25 points, and Kim Mi-yeon 16 points, leading the game to the 5th set. The first set was given by a large score difference of 17-25, the second set was a deuce with over 30 points, and the third set was also a close match. 

However, MoMA woke up in the 4th set and overturned the atmosphere, dragged it to the 5th set and ended the match with a new victory. GS Calex is ranked 5th and 6th this season, but the opponent’s record against Heungkuk Life Insurance is 3 wins and 3 losses, and there is no natural enemy.

Heungkuk Life Insurance coach Abondanza met with reporters and recalled the bitterness of defeat by saying, “It’s sad, but it’s always like that when we lose.” On the 19th, just a week ago, when head coach Abondanza visited Jangchung for the first time, Heungkuk Life Insurance presented a smile to the new coach by defeating GS Caltex with a set score of 3-1.

In the subsequent game against Korea Expressway Corporation (23rd), head coach Abondanza tasted red wine and meat of joy as a sign of self-congratulation. 

At that time, the match was the V-League debut of coach Abondanza. After the vacancy of the command tower, the Heungkuk Life Insurance team, whose morale had risen, shook the receive line of the Korea Expressway Corporation and collaborated on a shutout victory. Director Abondanza stimulated fans’ nostalgia by calling back Kim Yeon-kyung’s nickname, ‘YAKI,’ during her time at Türkiye Fenerbahce. 

The 26th is the second game day of coach Abondanza and Kim Yeon-kyung’s birthday. Jangchung Gymnasium sold out 3,200 seats again and expected victory as a birthday present. Won Won-seok’s enthusiasm for cheering was no less than that at Samsan Gymnasium.

However, GS Caltex burst into celebration with MoMA’s 37-point run. I even felt the determination not to leave another party in the living room. Momma, who rested well, was really scared.

After the game, coach Abondanza said “Sad” with a distinct pronunciation when asked about his feelings about the defeat. Of course, it was with the words, “It’s sad when I lose any game.” 

This is the manager of Avon Danza, who went through hot and cold baths in just two games of his V-League debut. GS Caltex is by no means an easy opponent, but his big strategy was also not noticed. The interview saying, “Please do it as it was in the previous game,” seemed to believe in Heungkuk Life Insurance a week ago. 

However, it still needs to adapt. Coaching Asian volleyball is also his first challenge. It will take more time before he instills in the squad the ‘volleyball he wants to play’. It is possible to make more effective inputs only when you learn the detailed characteristics of the squad. You can’t really play a big role until the off-season. 메이저놀이터

Coach Abondanza did not waste time reviewing the video in the middle of the game. Even though he seems to be waiting for the reading with a sigh, it is noticeable that he uses his spare time to gather the players together. He incessantly gives instructions and draws sub-courses on the board.

Of course, it is still too early to discuss the effect of his recruitment based only on visible results. It has been only 8 days since I stepped on Korean soil. More heartbreaking defeats may await this season. However, the fact that there was someone who could hold the center among the players was stable regardless of victory or defeat.  

Also, after the game, the remark, “If everyone knows why they lose, no one will lose, I think this is also a necessary process,” drawing attention. 

He wrapped up the defeated players with the words, “I don’t want to criticize the players, the players will be confused in the process of introducing my volleyball and I still need to adapt.” 

Manager Abondanza and Heungkuk Life Insurance will play the 6th round against Pepper Savings Bank on March 2nd after three days off. 

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