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 ‘The best scorer in South High School’ Jeonju and Jin Hyun-min

Ahead of the new season, many middle and high school teams are in the midst of strengthening their strength through Stove League in each region.

The high school boys and girls are preparing for the new season by training with university teams in Gyeongnam Gyeongju and Jeju Island, while the girls’ high school boys and girls are preparing for the new season in Sacheon, Gyeongsangnam-do.

This season, with the first competition of the season scheduled in Haenam in March, in the jump ball, we met the players who are expected to be active in each school in the south high school this season.

The last main character to meet is Jin Hyun-min (190cm, F), the scoring machine of Jeonju High School.

Jin Hyun-min is a forward who led the attack of Jeonju High School along with Yoo Hyeong-woo (Chungang University) in the 2022 season. Although it is far from the sophisticated style of basketball, his attack with speed and power was not rough on the court.

He played 26 games in 6 competitions, including regional competitions in the weekend league. He played 26.5 minutes per game and recorded 18.3 points, 5.1 rebounds and 3.0 assists, and was responsible for one axis of the team’s offense. This season, he spearheads the team’s offense.

In the Stove League held in Gyeongju, he scored a lot of goals in every game with a destructive appearance, raising expectations for his performance this season. Coach Yoon Byeong-hak of Jeonju High School, who is instructing him, praised him, saying, “(Jin) Hyun-min’s strength is his one-on-one ability.

Next, Coach Yoon said, “As I entered the top grade, my leadership improved. If there is one regret, it is true that I am still lacking in my ability to solve the game and passing ability compared to my offensive ability. Since he is a player who will show off his skills, he will lead our team well this season,” he said, looking forward to Jin Hyun-min’s performance. 메이저사이트

As coach Yoon said, Jin Hyun-min is a forward who mainly scores with one-on-one attacks. He’s not bad at shooting either, but he needs to improve his perimeter shot attempts and success rate to develop into a more destructive forward.

In an interview with Jump Ball, Jin Hyun-min said, “I have been working hard on my physical strength and I am looking forward to the season ahead by making good results in the Stove League. I am working hard to become a good player. As the team captain, I want to lead well and show a good game.”

The South High School leaders who watched Hyun-Min Jin’s performance in the Stove League held in Gyeongju last January said that he was better than last season, and pointed out Hyun-Min Jin as a target to watch out for this season. In fact, he waved his hand, saying that he is still a player with many shortcomings.

He said, “I need to practice my passing ability and movement in off-the-ball situations more. I hope my ability to solve when the game is not going well will also improve.” He also said, “I exercised all three years looking only at winning. I want to achieve good results in all competitions, including the National Sports Festival, by uniting more with my teammates to achieve my goal.”

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