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The birth of the first foreign setter in women’s volleyball… IBK Industrial Bank of Phonpun, Thailand

For the first time in the history of women’s professional volleyball, a foreign setter was born.

The ‘Asia Quarter’ introduced in the new season, Thailand’s Phonpun, who was selected as an Asian player selection system, is the main character.

Reporter Park Soo-ju reports from the draft scene, which was as tense as the lottery draw.


Balls of 7 colors are mixed in a round barrel,

<Sound sound> “Please press the button!”

As the ball bounces, joy and sorrow are mixed here and there.

The women’s volleyball Asia Quarter Draft site resembled a lottery draw.

The first nomination right of this system, which allowed one Asian player to be recruited from this season, went to IBK Industrial Bank.

<Kim Ho-cheol / IBK Industrial Bank of Korea coach> “The IBK volleyball team is Ponpun.”메이저놀이터

Pompoon Gedpard, who was ranked number one, is the captain of the Thai national team and became the first foreign setter in the history of our women’s volleyball.

She leads fast-breaking play that matches the world trend, and left a strong impression on the Korean national team last year with a 3-0 shutout.

<Ponpun Gedpard / New Setter at IBK Industrial Bank of Korea> “I want to go to Korea, adapt quickly, learn Korean, and get along with the players.”

Thai players, including Phonpun, were selected the most with three, followed by Indonesia with two, the Philippines,

The transfer of free agents continued, and the calculation method for each team was complicated, but since the lottery odds were the same, I looked back at my dream spot last night.

<Kim Ho-cheol / Director of IBK Industrial Bank (1st place)> “I just came here without saying anything, wondering if this is a good dream… I think our team was what we needed the most.”

<Kim Jong-min / Director of Korea Expressway Corporation (4th place)> “I slept well these days, but I didn’t sleep well yesterday. One 90%?”

We have a new point to watch in our volleyball this season, whether Asian players will be able to breathe new air into the court.

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