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The festival is over! Into the final race for V-League ‘Spring Volleyball’

The festival is over. Now, only fierce competition for ‘Spring Volleyball’ remains.

The ‘Dodram 2022-2023 V-League All-Star Game’ was successfully held at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon on the 29th. After the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) pendemic, it resumed at the Gwangju Pepper Stadium last season, and this season, it mobilized a full crowd (6448 people). ‘Volleyball Empress’ Kim Yeon-kyung (Heungkuk Life Insurance), who was selected as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in the All-Star Game for the first time in her life, proved her V-League box office guarantee check.

The V-League will resume on the 31st. Now, forget the festive atmosphere and compete for ranking on the thin ice. Leo (OK Financial Group) and Kim Yeon-kyung, who were selected as MVPs for the All-Star Game, pledged to do well at the end of the season. Leo said, “It’s important to win an award in the All-Star game, but my goal is to lift the V-League championship cup.” Kim Yeon-gyeong also said, “I have received energy, so I want to finish the remaining 5th and 6th rounds well to get good results in the championship match.” said. 메이저사이트

Now that the 4th round is over, both the men’s and women’s divisions are fiercely competing for rankings. In the men’s division, the anti-aircraft (19 wins, 5 losses, 55 points) is solidifying its solo system, and the 2nd place Hyundai Capital (15 wins, 9 losses, 46 points) has booked spring volleyball, but the competition for third place is hot. 3rd place Woori Card (14-10 losses, 38 points), 4th place OK Financial Group (12-12 losses, 37 points), and 5th place Korea Electric Power Corporation (10-14 losses, 32 points) are tossed up and down within 6 points. there is. Considering that the semi-playoff (quasi-PO) is held when the difference in points between the 3rd and 4th places is less than 3 points, the 6th place KB Insurance (8 wins, 16 losses, 25 points) is not at the stage of giving up.

In the women’s division, sparks are flying everywhere. 1st place Hyundai E&C (20 wins and 4 losses, 57 points) and 2nd place Heungkuk Life Insurance (18 wins and 6 losses, 54 points) are competing for the lead. Korea Expressway Corporation (13 wins, 11 losses, 38 points) ~ KGC Ginseng Corporation (11 wins, 13 losses, 35 points) ~ GS Caltex (11 wins, 13 losses, 33 points) are aiming for third place, and IBK Industrial Bank (9 wins) 15 losses, 28 points) are chasing. It is important not to be caught by the lowest-ranking Pepper Savings Bank (2 wins, 22 losses, 7 points).

From the first game of the 5th round, teams aiming to advance to the postseason face off. On the 31st at 7:00 pm, the men’s Woori Card-KB Insurance match will be held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul, and the women’s Ginseng Corporation-Highway Construction match will be held at Chungmu Gymnasium in Daejeon.

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