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The first shovel in the new baseball field in Daejeon, Manager Subero is also excited “More than 20,000 seats, the future is expected”

Daejeon’s new baseball field has opened its first shovel. At this moment, there was also Hanwha coach Carlos Subero (51). 

Director Subero attended the groundbreaking ceremony for Daejeon Baseball Dream Park on the 22nd. He showed anticipation for the new baseball field to the extent that he arrived first and waited before the event started on this day. 메이저놀이터

Daejeon Baseball Dream Park, whose construction was promoted by the 7th public election pledge, began preparations in earnest by establishing a basic plan in July 2019. After signing an investment agreement with the Hanwha club in December 2019, administrative procedures such as a feasibility study and central investment review were completed in 2020. 

Baseball Dream Park will be built with a total project cost of 161.7 billion won, two floors below the ground and four floors above ground, with a total area of ​​58,594 square meters and a capacity of 20,607 seats. It will open in March 2025, the 40th anniversary of the Hanwha club’s founding. 

There are still two years left until completion, but coach Subero did not hide his excitement. On the 23rd, before the exhibition game against Doosan in Daejeon was canceled due to rain, coach Subero said, “I was excited to see the groundbreaking ceremony for the new baseball field. It was the long-cherished wish of Daejeon citizens. Many people would have been proud of the new baseball field in Daejeon,” he said. 

Director Subero continued, “KBO President Heo Gu-yeon (who attended the groundbreaking ceremony) also seemed excited. A lot of politicians also came, and everyone seemed to be proud,” he said with a laugh, “I like the fact that it has more than 20,000 seats. Its name is also Dream Park. I hope that the dreams and future of Daejeon citizens will come true centered on the baseball field, worthy of its name. I am really looking forward to the future of Daejeon.” 

It is unknown whether he will be able to lead the team in the new baseball field as coach Subero whose three-year contract expires at the end of this season. However, the remaining two years, including this year, are very important for Hanwha, which sees 2025 as the time to complete the team build-up. 

Hanwha, which is reaping good results with 5 wins, 2 losses and 1 draw in demonstration games, is getting higher and higher expectations for the new season. Coach Subero, who has to select the opening entry, deepens. Coach Subero said, “The outline of the opening roster has been drawn to some extent.” I showed improvement to that extent, and the team depth became thicker. These changes will have a positive long-term, healthier impact on the team.” /

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