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The Martinez Butterfly Effect… In the future, block PK and ban provocation

A new rule will be introduced.

England’s ‘Daily Mail’ said, “The rules related to penalty kicks are about to change. Recently, goalkeepers have used interference tactics before kickers take their penalty kicks. The most famous example is Emiliano Martinez in the penalty shootout between Argentina and France in the World Cup final. “At that time, Martinez was using a strategy of interference. At the time, Martinez used to throw the ball at the French players to gain an advantage. However, as of July 1st, the new rules will not allow such behavior.” told

As the media explained, Martinez dispersed the concentration of the French players with actions such as checking opponents in the penalty shootout at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, blocking penalty kicks, and performing intense celebrations. Martinez saved France’s second kicker Kingsley Comang’s shot. France’s third kicker Aurelien Chuameni, who watched this, also missed.

After the World Cup, sports science expert Geir Jorde analyzed Martinez’s behavior. Jorde explained that Martinez checked the grass near the post ahead of time and high-fiveed first kicker Kylian Mbappe: “It can catch the opponent off guard and humiliate them. It’s all part of the strategy.” did.

In addition to this, Martinez shook the opponent’s mentality with intense ceremonies, such as asking the referee to check the position of the ball properly, performing an uppercut or performing a shoulder dance. Jorde pointed out that Martinez’s actions gave him the feeling that he was in control of the penalty area, had a positive effect on his teammates and had a negative effect on his opponents. New rules were introduced to prevent this from happening again 메이저놀이터

. It is a movement to become It is different from the butterfly effect that started from Martinez’s actions. ‘Daily Mail’ said: “The new rules include that the goalkeeper cannot touch the goal post and the crossbar. It is also forbidden to delay a penalty kick, such as Martinez throwing the ball at the opponent. Goalkeepers must not distract the kicker. No, and no behavior that disrespects the opponent, including the ceremony after the opponent misses a penalty kick, is also not allowed.”

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