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“The team would never have won” The reason for Kang-ho’s failure analyzed by the command tower

Rivers talked about the Clippers.

In an interview with ESPN on the 14th (hereinafter Korean time), Philadelphia 76ers coach Doc Rivers talked about his days with the LA Clippers.

Coach Rivers, who has been on the NBA court for 13 years during his active career, is also active in the league as a coaching staff for a long time. He is Coach Rivers, who is in charge of Philadelphia’s command tower through Orlando, Boston, and Clippers.

Coach Rivers, who won the championship with Kevin Garnett-Ray Allen-Paul Pierce Big 3 in Boston. After that, he was traded to the Clippers in exchange for a first-round pick, which is rare for a manager.메이저놀이터

Under Coach Rivers, the Clippers were considered favorites for the championship with strong power. There was a time when Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, JJ Reddick, and DeAndre Jordan led it, and there was a time when Kawhi Leonard and Paul George challenged for the presidency.

But in the end, the Clippers couldn’t get over the hump. Coach Rivers, who couldn’t even step on the conference finals at the Clippers, let alone win, eventually parted ways with the team after the 2019-2020 season.

Then, what is the cause of the Clippers’ failure to win the championship pointed out by Rivers? It’s a matter of team chemistry.

“If you look back at the Clippers, that team would never have won. We didn’t get along as a team then, and we couldn’t win without cooperation,” Rivers said.

In the 2019-2020 season, when the Clippers lost an incredible series to Denver, locker room issues poured in. Leonard’s leadership was pointed out, and the dominant view was that the team chemistry had collapsed. Of course, Director Rivers also couldn’t avoid responsibility. 

After leaving the Clippers, Rivers settled in Philadelphia. In Philadelphia, the achievements so far are similar to Coach Rivers. Philadelphia has always been mentioned as a strong player, but it suffered defeat in the second round for the past two years in a row with Rivers. 

Still, Rivers believes the outcome will be different this season. He said this season might be the right time for Philadelphia to win.

“The right time has to come for teams to win,” Rivers said. “Maybe this is the right time for this team. This team reminds me a lot of Boston. , The players are getting along well,” he emphasized.

Philadelphia, led by MVP candidate Joel Embiid, finished the regular season in third place in the Eastern Conference. Can Rivers bear fruit in Philadelphia without following in the footsteps of the Clippers?

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