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‘There is no Park Ji-sung!’ ‘Man United All-Star Best 11’ with Best Friend Who?

Reporter Ban Jin-hyeok = What is Manchester United’s best 11 without Park Ji-sung?

On the 11th, ‘score90’, a soccer content production company, selected and released Manchester United’s All-Star Best 11 in the English Premier League (EPL) era .

The offensive line consisted of Cristiano Ronaldo, Eric Cantona and Wayne Rooney. It is the strongest combination that cannot be refuted.

Ronaldo grew up at Manchester United. After meeting Sir Alex Ferguson, he improved his skills tremendously and joined the ranks of superstars. After that, he went to Real Madrid.

Cantona is a Manchester United legend. He energized the midfield with his tough playing style and also played the role of captain. There is also a dark history of kicking a kung fu kick at the crowd in excitement after hearing abusive language during the game.

Rooney is also a Manchester United legend. He joined from Everton and was responsible for the team’s attack for a long time.

The midfield was formed by Roy Keane, along with Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes, both former Manchester United youth legends. 먹튀검증

South Korea’s Haberji (Father of Overseas Soccer) Park Ji-sung didn’t make the All-Star Best 11, but his best friend Patrice Ev was named.

Led by Evra, Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand, who used to be a huge wall, were placed in the center, and Gary Neville occupied the right side of defense. The goalkeeper was named Peter Schmeichel, who has been active for eight years.

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