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‘Throw well and block monsters that hit well’ Ohtani, WBC can also double as a pitcher

Will Shohei Ohtani (29, LA Angels) start a double career as a pitcher on the world stage?

According to a report by, the official website of the US Major League Baseball (MLB), on the 6th (Korean time), Angels general manager Perry Minassian declared that there would be no restrictions on Ohtani’s play in the upcoming 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC).

General Manager Minassian said, “There are no restrictions (for Ohtani’s WBC performance),” and “we hope that Ohtani will show the world how good a player he is by showing his two-time double work as it is.”

On the American stage, Ohtani, who hit 40 or more home runs while throwing fast balls approaching 160 km/h, is a symbol of both batting and batting. Ohtani, who recorded 15 wins as a pitcher and 34 homers as a hitter last season, succeeded in double-digit wins and double-digit homers in 104 years since ‘legendary’ Babe Ruth. He also vomited up the spirit of achieving 30 home runs and 200 strikeouts at the same time, which even Ruth could not achieve. 온라인바카라

If such Ohtani goes on to bat on the world stage of the WBC as well, there will be no better box office factor for the tournament or the Japanese national team. However, from the point of view of his team, the Angels, the possibility of injury could be a concern. However, the head of the team directly stepped forward and declared that there was no limit, and a major obstacle was removed.

This is not good news for the Korean baseball team. In a situation where Ohtani’s name is already being discussed as the starting pitcher for the first round match against Japan on March 10th, if his pitching double-up is achieved, he will have to fight with Ohtani both on the mound and at bat.

Fortunately, Ohtani attends training for the Japanese national team late. Ohtani will prepare for the season by joining the Angels’ spring camp held in the United States, and will not join the Japanese national team until March.

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