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Time extension is defeated

Scene ⑫ = Long Baduk. Victory is still far away. The countdown chases breathlessly. His mouth burned from the hard battle and his Go stone was soaked with sweat. Ichiriki’s black number 1 is dangerous precipitation. There would be no more battles if it was held in the 11th position, but Ichiriki insisted on giving it a chance. Choi Jeong-eun has no time. Count fiercely, buying time with the back 2, 4, and 6. Finally, on the 8th and 10th, I came to the conclusion that if I back down, I will lose, and I fought with the strongest. Amputation of 11. Will there be a number? 먹튀검증

◆Advice from AI =AI said it was clean to cut off the aftertaste with black 1. White will take 2, but no more. Up to Black 5 becomes a half-house match.

◆ Practice progress = There is a thing called ‘extension of time’. When it is difficult to start in a countdown situation, players play here and there as if using a hand to secure time. It is to exercise the athlete in the final 59 seconds to gain another minute. However, extending the time is risky.

When Choi Jeong was making moves with white 1 and 3, Ichiriki hurriedly played black 4. is an extension of time Hemp is at stake, so Baek cannot get his hands off it. Black 6 is also an extension of time. It is forced to live with A. However, this number has been lost.

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