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Tottenham in Son Heung-min’s silence, come-from-behind defeat to Brentport

Son Heung-min’s team, Tottenham, who missed the European Champions League qualifier, lost to Brentford, and a red light was turned on to advance to the Europa League.

Tottenham lost 3-1 to Brentford in the Premier League round 37 home match held in London, England.

In their last home game of the season, they stayed with Tottenham in 7th place and could not close the gap with Brighton in 6th place.

Tickets for the group stage of the Europa League finals are given to the FA Cup winner and the 5th place team, and this season, 6th place is the Maginot line.

This is because the winner of the FA Cup will be decided between league leaders Manchester City and fourth placed Manchester United, who have reached the final.

With this defeat, Tottenham are in the most disadvantageous situation among the 6th place contenders.

Brighton, who are one point ahead of Tottenham, play two fewer games than Tottenham, so if Brighton wins any of their remaining three games, even if Tottenham takes the final round against Leeds United, a reverse is impossible.

Aston Villa, which has the same points and goal difference, but is behind Tottenham in points and is in 8th place, also has room to accumulate more points by playing one less game than Tottenham.

In addition, Tottenham allowed 9th place Brentford to pursue a point difference.

Tottenham took the lead with Harry Kane’s mid-range goal in the 8th minute of the first half, but gave up two goals to Mpemo in the second half and allowed Wessa a key goal at the end of the game to lose 3-1.

Son Heung-min hit three shots, but failed to record an attack point.

In the 11th minute of the first half, the scene 메이저사이트 where the left-footed shot penetrated into the penalty box was blocked by the goalkeeper was the most regrettable.

He also created several opportunities for help with sharp crosses, but his colleague’s shot was also blocked by the goalkeeper, swallowing regret.

The key pass, which made a shot for a teammate, was second on the team after Klusevski with four times.

According to, a football statistics outlet, Son Heung-min was given a rating of 7.01, the third highest on the team.

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