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U-18 Baseball 5 national team confirmed to participate in the ‘dramatic bronze medal’ world competition

 In ‘Baseball 5’, which was opened for the purpose of globalizing baseball, the U-18 national team (coach: Cha Myung-joo) won the Asian Cup bronze medal.

The Korean national team, which advanced to the Super Round with a record of 3 wins and 3 losses in the preliminary round, played well against Taiwan on the 11th, but lost with a set score of 0-2 and withdrew to the bronze medal match. The first set was lost 1-11, but the second set was 0-1. It was a good performance against the world’s No. 1 team in difficult circumstances. 카지노

The opponent in the bronze medal match that followed was the home team Malaysia, who lost to China in the Super Round. As the Malaysian national team lost in the preliminary round, a difficult match was expected. 

In the first set, they went to overtime, but lost 8-9 and got off to a bad start. However, after winning the 2nd set 8-1, the knight revived and took the last 3 sets 7-3, recording a set score of 2-1, miraculously winning the bronze medal.

The youth national team is now able to compete in world competitions for the second time in a row following the adult national team. In this event, countries that finish third or higher are eligible to compete in the World Cup.

Meanwhile, Taiwan won the U-18 Asia Cup. Chinese Taipei advanced to the World Cup as Asian champions after winning the championship match against China 2-0 in sets.

However, this Asia Cup Baseball 5 added to the disappointment that there was no news related to the tournament, including the fact that some match results were incorrectly disclosed on the WBSC website at the beginning of the tournament.

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