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U16 Women’s National Team checks organization with scrimmage against East China

The U16 Women’s National Team checked their organizational skills with a scrimmage against Dongbujung.

The 2023 Korea Basketball Weekend League is currently underway across the country. The Gyeongsang region kicked off the tournament a week later on Sunday, and after the first day’s action concluded, the U16 Girls’ National Team played a scrimmage against Dong-A Joong at Dong-A High School Gymnasium.

Late last month, the Korean Basketball Association announced the roster for the U16 FIBA Asian Women’s Basketball Championship. The team convened earlier this month and has been preparing for the tournament by inviting male middle school and unemployment teams as sparring partners.

After playing practice games against Daejeon Middle School, Cheonan Sungsung Middle School, and Sacheon City Hall, the team set up a base camp in Busan for the weekend.

Against Dongdaegu, the team focused on maximizing organization and reviewed various defensive tactics. In the five-quarter game, the team started Lee Won-jung (Onyang High School, 173 cm), Kim Yeon-jin (Sookmyung High School, 176 cm), Hwang Yoon-seo (Sookmyung High School, 183 cm), Choi Ye-won (Sungnyu High School, 176 cm), and Lee Hyun (Supia High School, 180 cm), and finished the game with 12 players.

Against East China, the national team struggled. On offense, the team struggled with their shooting form, and on defense, they often made mistakes in basic areas such as boxing out.

“It’s still early in the season, so we’re not quite in sync, but we’re getting there,” said Dongju Women’s High School head coach Heo Man-duk, who has been at the helm of the national team for a while, adding, “We’re focusing on maximizing our organization. We have to be physically prepared and movements must be perfect to continue to play pressing defense. You can’t be short, but you have to be strong to overwhelm (the opponent). That’s what we’re focusing on in training,” he said of his team’s scrimmage against Donghwa.

He continued, “We’ve been working on our defense, changing from a zone press to man-to-man defense. In today’s game, we didn’t box out enough, so it was difficult to open up the lane when (the offense) didn’t work. Overall, the guys didn’t shoot well, but it’s better to take a shot than not take a shot, and on defense, we have to be strong even if we get fouled. That’s why I’m playing 12 players evenly. However, we still need to find a solution when it’s crucial,” he said.메이저사이트

The team, currently in Busan, will continue training at the Hana OneQ Gymnasium in early July before flying to Amman, Jordan, the host city of the tournament, at 1:30 a.m. on July 8.

Meanwhile, the team in Division A will face Syria on the 10th, followed by Taiwan (11th), Australia (12th), and Thailand (13th).

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