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Valverde’s anger at Padrip who mentioned his son…’Wait after the game and assault’

Federico Valverde assaulted Alex Baena after the match.

Real Madrid lost 1-2 to Villarreal in the 28th round of Spanish La Liga in the 2022-23 season held at the Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid, Spain at 4:00 am (Korean time) on the 9th. Real remained second, but the gap with first place Barcelona widened to 12 points.

News of the incident came after the game. It was the story that Valverde assaulted Villarreal winger Baena. Britain’s ‘The Athletic’ said, ” Valverde stopped the team bus and called Baena. The two, who had collided during the game, argued later, and Valverde assaulted Baena. The police were also aware of this incident. Baena insulted Valverde. It was found that he made an official statement. Real and Baena sides are not making an official statement.”메이저놀이터

Spain’s ‘Marca’ gave a little more detail. “ Valverde punched Baena in the face. Valverde waited for Baena where the Villarreal bus parked and assaulted him during a conversation. Villarreal has video and Baena is considering filing a police report. He acknowledged the fact that he did,” and mentioned the details of the inside story.

What Baena said was shocking. ‘Marca’ said, “Baena told Valverde, ‘Your son will never be born. If you’re going to cry, cry now.’ Triggered: Valverde’s wife is pregnant with their second son, and there is a possibility of miscarriage.

Spain’s ‘El Pais’ also reported similar content, saying, “It was during the Copa del Rey that Baena mentioned Valverde’s son. At that time, Valverde endured. But today, when he said something similar again, he got angry and assaulted Baena.” The assault on Valverde is also true, and it is judged to be true that Baena said something that should not be said.

Violence shouldn’t be justified, but most of the reactions say that even if the baena’s behavior crossed the line, it went way too far. As the case seems to be handed over to the police, we need to wait for the exact results of the investigation.

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