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‘VAR Bad Luck’ Klinsman Ho – Defeat against Uruguay

In the return match against Uruguay, the national soccer team suffered a disappointing defeat by a goal difference of 2-1.

It was a pity that the equalizer was canceled through a video review even after a good fight.

This is reporter Son Jang-hoon.

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The national team held a rematch against Uruguay four months after the World Cup in Qatar in front of a full crowd. 온라인바카라

Coach Klinsman, who said he would focus on identifying players in the second A-match match, made a big change to the starting lineup.

Captain Son Heung-min came out as it was, but Hwang Ui-jo was appointed instead of Cho Kyu-seong at the top, and Lee Kang-in and goalkeeper Cho Hyun-woo were also selected.

In Uruguay, Valverde, who has a bad relationship with Lee Kang-in, was included in the starting list, resulting in an interesting confrontation.

Uruguay was the first to lead the mood.

In the 10th minute of the first half, Valverde’s corner kick was headed by Coates to score the opening goal.

The national team, which had been struggling under Uruguay’s forward pressure, began a counterattack with Lee Kang-in’s sensuous ball distribution and sharp kicks.

And in the 6th minute of the second half, the long-awaited equalizer was scored.

Hwang In-beom accurately pushed Lee Ki-je’s calm pass through the side with his right foot.

However, 12 minutes later, Uruguay’s counterattack opened the back space and allowed a free kick…

Unfortunately, an additional goal was conceded.

Afterwards, the national team pushed the opponent to balance it out, Kim Young-gwon’s header that split Uruguay’s goal was not recognized as a goal through video review, and Oh Hyun-kyu’s picturesque right-footed turning shot was judged offside. couldn’t pay

Defeated by a single goal 2-1, the national team failed to claim their first win under Klinsmann’s administration.

[Lee Kang-in/National Soccer Team]
“The most important thing is the result, and it’s very unfortunate that we couldn’t win, and I think I’ll have to prepare better in the future to perform better in important competitions and show a better image.”

The national team, which finished 2 consecutive A matches with 1 draw and 1 loss, will be convened again in June.

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