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Warning to world boxing champ, Physical 100 Shin Bo Mi-re

Shin Bo-mi-re (29) received a warning message saying that sooner or later she will feel firsthand how great the world’s top female professional boxer is.

Delphine Persson (38, Belgium) said in an interview reported by ‘Forquis WTV’, “Of course I am not Katie Taylor (37, USA), but I will fight like her. She is Shinbo Mire, you will die for me,” she warned her opponent in the World Boxing Council (WBC) super featherweight (-59kg) title challenger match.

Forquis WTV is a regional broadcaster in West Flanders, Belgium. WBC No. 1 Persson and No. 3 Shin Bomire will face off on May 29 (Korean time) in Torhout, West Flanders, Belgium.

Taylor is evaluated as the strongest active female professional boxing P4P (regardless of weight class) by the official former media ‘Voxrek’. Including her career on the U.S. national team, she is one of the top contenders of all time.

During her amateur -60kg days, Taylor won ▲Olympics ▲World Championships ▲European Championships ▲European Games. She also won 22 consecutive wins in her debut at the professional lightweight (-61.2kg), and she was ▲ World Boxing Association (WBA) ▲ WBC ▲ International Boxing Federation (IBF) ▲ World Boxing Organization (WBO) unified champion.

The WBA, WBC, IBF, and WBO are tied as professional boxing major organizations. Taylor said she wasn’t content with holding the 2020-2022 lightweight world unified champion and moved up to super lightweight (-63.5 kg) where she will fight her world title match on May 21, 2023.

Persson went around saying, ‘To Shin Bomire, I will be as overwhelming as Taylor’. Forquis WTV predicted that Belgian home fans would cheer one-sidedly, saying, “Tickets for this Torhaut tournament are almost sold out.”

She and Taylor also have one thing in common: they are from the same weight class. Persson is a Belgian boxing superstar who was the 2012-2013 IBF and 2014-2019 WBC world champion at lightweight.

Persson, who came down to super featherweight, won ▲ WBA Gold Champion ▲ International Boxing Organization (IBO) Intercontinental Champion ▲ WBC Silver Champion, and has not yet lost with 4 wins and 1 null. The IBO is in the second position right after the four major organizations.

Shin Bo Mi-re, who became the WBO Asia-Pacific champion in February of last year, became the WBC International champion in three months. In September 2022 and February 2023, he made his first and second defenses of the WBC International title.온라인카지노

Persson also said, “You have to go through a tough training camp to defeat Shinbo Mire. He acknowledged his opponent, saying, “It is a better challenge than a gift-like match with an easy star (whose skills are inferior to his fame).”

Shinbo Mire even gained international fame through her appearance on the Netflix sports survival entertainment program ‘Physical: 100’. Attention is focusing on whether she can open the way to the women’s professional boxing super featherweight throne by defeating Persson.

Physical: 100 gained worldwide popularity, ranking first in global OTT’Netflix’ non-English viewing hours from February 6 to 19, 2023. Shin Bomire, who survived to the final 20, also rose in name value.

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