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“We get an illegal screen, and the opponent gets paid for the flop” GSW manager’s dissatisfaction with the decision

Manager Steve Kerr has publicly expressed dissatisfaction with the referee’s decision.

The Golden State Warriors lost 101-104 to the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 4 of the 2nd round of the 2023 NBA Playoffs held at the Los Angeles Arena on the 9th (hereinafter Korean time).

Defending champion Golden State faced difficulties in the second round following the first round. Maybe this time it’s a bigger crisis. The series was driven to 1 win and 3 losses, and it was put in a situation where it had to catch all the remaining three games.

Even Stephen Curry’s triple-double performance with 31 points did not prevent the team from losing. Klay Thompson and Jordan Pool were silent, and Draymond Green also committed a decisive turnover.

On this day, Golden State committed 16 turnovers and self-destructed. Among them, three illegal screens appeared in the second half, and Green’s foul by the attacker, which appeared at the end of the fourth quarter, was the most fatal.

On the other hand, he was still behind in winning free throws, which he had been pushing throughout the series. Perhaps because the two teams have vastly different playstyles, it’s a no-brainer. Golden State, who threw 12 free throws in Game 4, dedicated 20 free throws to the opponent.

Manager Steve Kerr expressed dissatisfaction with the illegal screen and free throw decision in a postgame interview. The main reason was that the referee didn’t properly look at the opponent’s flops. At the same time, giving 15 points to Ronnie Walker was also cited as one of the losses.

“The fourth quarter was dominated by Ronnie Walker, and we had about three or four ill-girl screens called. It’s disappointing,” coach Steve Kerr said.온라인카지노

“The Lakers are a team that knows how to turn the game in their favor. They understand how to make a few calls. I think they’ve been rewarded for playing a few flops. They’ll have to go back and watch the replays. It’s like. I could be wrong,” he added.

If you openly express your dissatisfaction with the referee call, you can be disciplined, so there is not much talk about the judgment in media interviews. That’s why Kerr’s dissatisfaction with referee decisions is quite unusual.

Can Golden State create a turnaround in Game 5? Game 5 of both teams will be held at Golden State’s home on the 11th.

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