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weird… I think we did well, but when it was over, Hanwha was the only team that lost.

It’s a strange thing. I think I did well, but after the game, I lose every time.

I feel like my performance has improved, but I can’t score the points necessary for victory or allow a reversal.

This is the story of Hanwha, which had more active moves than any other team last winter to escape the humiliation of being in the bottom for three consecutive years. Hanwha spent 9 billion won to recruit Chae Eun-seong, and it became a hot topic for budgeting close to 15 billion won to catch Yang Eui-ji, the biggest catcher.

However, results are yet to come. 메이저놀이터

Now he only played 3 matches, but he didn’t win a single match anyway. Of course, it’s also the last one.

I can feel that my performance has improved. The power has become quite strong. But at the end of the game, Hanwha is always the losing team.

The attack power is quite strong.

Noh Si-hwan, the new 4th hitter, started a home run in 3 games. The batting average is also very high. It is a whopping 0.571.

The bat of Chae Eun-seong, who was recruited as a free agent, is also spitting fire. His batting average is 0.417. Not having a home run is a bit disappointing, but I can say that I am doing my part.

If the chance is caught by Noh Si-hwan and Chae Eun-seong, an atmosphere is created that seems to be scored at any time. It’s a trend that didn’t exist until last year.

However, O’Grady, a foreign hitter, is only 0.214, and Lee Myung-ki, who was expected to play a part, is only batting 0.125. This is a point where you can see that you are not creating many chances.

The biggest problem is the lack of pitching power. The bullpen collapses every game and keeps giving good flow.

The starting is not going well, but there are bigger problems in the bullpen.

Kang Jae-min, the most trusted pitcher, has an average ERA of 13.50. Kim Bum-soo, who was a candidate for closer, had an average ERA of 0, but faced 8 batters and got 4 hits. His WHIP is 2.40 and his batting average reaches 0.500.

It’s hard to say that I believe in it. Finisher Jang Si-hwan also has an average ERA of 13.50.

Veteran Jung Woo-ram is fighting hard with no runs in all three games, but other pitchers are unable to hold on.

The fact that they were defeated by one point in all three games tells the reality of the uneasy Hanwha bullpen. Even if they get ahead by scoring difficultly, the worst trend continues, allowing them to catch up immediately.

A truly strong team is not a team that is strong in winning by one point, but a team that wins many games with a margin of margin. The fact that there are many losses by one point means that you are wandering without knowing the way to win.

The attack is only hitting the hitter, and the mound is crumbling regardless of the starting bullpen.

There are players who are good at it, but they are not able to see the synergy effect because the seam is weak. It can be said that they are doing better than last year, but the result is only one loss.

It is a season that is evaluated that the power level is more leveled than in any other year. In a season like this, if you lose in the early game, it will be very difficult to recover. This is because teams with similar strength will line up. With a decent winning streak, it becomes difficult to rise from the bottom to the middle ranks.

This is why Hanwha’s win in April is more important than ever.

I’ve only played 3 games. There is still a chance for a reversal. However, until the pitching power revives, the difficult flow in each game is bound to continue.

Even if the attack is focused on only a few players, it will only call for checks. Then, the shaking of the hit happens overnight.

This is why the team needs to operate normally as soon as possible. Looking good is useless. A team that laughs a lot at the end of a game is a really strong team.

Performance is important, but more important is the result of winning. When will Hanwha win its first victory? You have to pull the timing as much as possible and increase the winning rate to survive.

As I have repeatedly emphasized, April this season is a month that can tell a lot. How you spend the first month can determine the success of the season.

This is why Hanwha’s quick efforts are desperately needed.

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