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Westbrook’s Lakers look back: “It was a good experience”

Westbrook, who adapted to the Clippers, looked back on his Lakers days.

Russell Westbrook (190cm, G) had his worst seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers over the past two seasons. He came in to win, but he couldn’t fit into the team, averaging 17.4 points, 7.2 assists and 6.9 rebounds. His 3-point shooting percentage was also very poor at 29%.

He didn’t do well on the team either. In his debut season, the team finished 11th in the West and did not even make it to the play-in tournament, and in his second season, the team hovered around the bottom of the table. Then the Lakers boldly traded Westbrook. Westbrook was traded to Utah but requested a buyout and later joined the Los Angeles Clippers.메이저사이트

He has changed since joining the Clippers. Unlike his Lakers days, he melted into the team and his 3-point shooting success rate was 35%. He also complied with team performance. He lost all of his first five matches, but then went on a winning streak, going 11-10. As a result, the Clippers succeeded in advancing to the playoffs by finishing 5th in the West.

Adapting to the Clippers, Westbrook looked back on his Lakers days through an interview with ‘Clutch Point’. “To be honest, being with the Lakers was just an experience for me,” Westbrook said. He had the experience of coming off the bench,” he recalled

. “But those days are over. I’m in a new place right now and I’m adjusting to it. I look forward to the future,” he said, sharing his Clippers life.

Westbrook’s Clippers will face the Phoenix Suns in Game 1 of the playoffs. Phoenix traded Kevin Durant (206cm, F) and is being selected as a strong championship candidate. Can the Clippers, to which Westbrook belongs, advance to the second round of the playoffs by beating Phoenix?

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