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What kind of synergy will the ‘Unfamiliar Combination’ Samsung and Red Thomas Lee Byeong-gyu create?

 Samsung Lions head coach Lee Byeong-gyu decided to start anew after receiving a call from head coach Park Jin-man at the end of last year.

After debuting with the LG Twins in 1997, head coach Lee entered Japan from 2007 to 2009 and continued to wear only the LG uniform, except for his time as a broadcasting commentator in 2017. After becoming a coach from 2018, he served as hitting coach and defensive coach at LG until the end of last year, raising Jamsil’s promising players.

After leading the season as coach of Geelong Korea, head coach Lee returned to Korea and met with reporters, saying, “I don’t think it’s bad to learn a new baseball game in a new team. As a coach, I don’t think it’s bad to experience it in many places.” explained why.

The meeting between the coach of the defense king and the head coach of the hitting king is creating a lot of buzz. In particular, coach Park is familiar to the fans, but this assistant coach wearing a blue uniform is a new face. Head coach Lee is looking forward to what he can show as a Samsung coach.

Head coach Lee took on the role of supervising the players for the first time as coach of Geelong Korea, and said, “I focused on getting along with young players.” The players said in unison, “The coach gave me one-point lessons from time to time, and it was very helpful.” He seems to lead the team by pointing out the necessary parts one by one rather than directly teaching the players as the chief who puts the whole together in Samsung.

Head coach Lee said, “Director Park Jin-man is younger than me, but I want to learn his baseball. I want to learn how he keeps his routine while playing defensive baseball. I want to see him and I want to help him.” 먹튀검증

“The coach doesn’t talk a lot. So I want to fill that part between the players and the coaches and give them a lot of fighting. .

Acting coach Park took over last year’s sluggish team from the middle and was appointed as the official manager after the season, recording the highest team win rate since September. Coach Park reached out to coach Lee Byeong-gyu after contemplating the position of the head coach who should understand his philosophy best while organizing his coaching staff.

Coach Park is known for his quiet and soft charisma since his veteran days, while head coach Lee is famous for his coaching style that shouts louder fighting than the players on the ground. Attention is focusing on how ‘Legend’ head coach Lee can raise the tension of Samsung players in the new team.

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