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When I left Lotte, that choice turned out to be a jackpot… “It was an honor to play in the KBO”

Brooks Reilly (35‧ New York Mets) made a big decision in his life ahead of the 2020 season. He decided to leave Lotte and try again in the major leagues. Before it’s too late, before he’s too old, he decided to bet.

In fact, he had many concerns and had many twists and turns. Rayleigh, who spent 5 years with Lotte in the KBO League, was a proven pitcher with a total of 48 wins. Under the judgment that it was not easy to find a pitcher like this, Lotte also offered to renew the contract. If he stays at Lotte, he can walk the path of a star occupying the spotlight with a stable salary to some extent. However, Rayleigh, who had a lingering attachment to the major league stage, chose the opposite path.

Of course, the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) broke out and the season opened late, and Rayleigh, who was a minor league contract, faced a worse situation. But he didn’t give up. He returned to the major leagues in Cincinnati, and was recognized for his potential and joined Houston, the top team in the league. From then on, it was a success story.

Rayleigh played 58 games for Houston in 2021 and revealed his potential as a left-handed specialist, and ahead of the 2022 season, he signed a two-year, $10 million contract with Tampa Bay and even achieved a great salary. It was an annual salary he could not have dreamed of if he had settled in a stable environment. Last year, he revealed his potential for a long run in the future with a remarkable performance of 1 win, 2 losses, 6 saves, and an ERA of 2.68 in 60 games. 온라인바카라

Rayleigh, who played in 14 major league games before coming to Lotte, believes that life in Korea has brought him to where he is today. When asked to look back on his recent career in the major leagues on the 16th (Korean time), Rayleigh said, “First of all, for the past five years, while adapting well in Korea, I met good teammates and had a good time.” Don’t forget to mention the KBO League first. did not

Next, Rayleigh humbly replied, “From Houston to Tampa Bay last year, and now to the Mets, I think I was lucky. It was a time where I could learn a lot, so (the past three years) was meaningful.”

Rayleigh said of the KBO League, “I learned a lot when I was there for five years. There are many good players,” and emphasized, “It was an honor to play in the KBO League.” I could feel the sincerity in Rayleigh’s image of not forgetting the past even though he was successful, and cherishing good memories from the past and using them as a driving force for growth.

Rayleigh is traded to the New York Mets ahead of this season and opens a new career path. The Mets aim to win the World Series as the top team in the major leagues in terms of salary. It’s an exciting season for Rayleigh as much as being a part of it.

On the 16th, on the first day of the team’s official pitching and catcher training, Rayleigh seemed to be melting into the team while talking to various players while still feeling unfamiliar to his new colleagues. Rayleigh said brightly, “(After joining the camp), the past few days have been good. I am adjusting (to the team) by pitching in the bullpen and holding official team meetings.”

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