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“Whether it is a team, with the heart of dealing with Gimcheon”… Baek Dong-gyu, wary of ‘conceit’

Captain Baek Dong-gyu, who had experienced one failure, was determined again.

FC Anyang failed to surpass Suwon Samsung in the promotion playoffs (PO) last season. In the first and second games, the total score was 1-2. Baek Dong-gyu vowed not to repeat the pain of last year.

Having recently met at the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp held in Namhae, Gyeongsangnam-do, he said, “I had experiences that I didn’t have to do, but I had experiences that I couldn’t even pay for. Young players also gained experience while playing the game. There is no law against going to the playoffs this year. Experience is important because you can miss it again if you get intimidated in a short game.”

I decided to change myself right away. Having worn the captain’s armband this season as well as last season, he requested two vice-captains from manager Lee Woo-hyung, and Jeong Jun-yeon and Kim Jeong-hyeon were appointed as vice-captains.

Baek Dong-gyu laughed and said, “I decided to play the role of a mother this year.” “I have to change first. Since we failed to achieve our goal last year, we decided to put vice-captain Kang Seong-in at the forefront this year. The two vice-captains show their style with their bodies. I want to play the role of reassuring while having a cup of tea with the players in the back. It seems to be a learning season for me as well.”

I was wary of ‘conceit’. Baek Dong-gyu said, “Last year, the team received a lot of spotlight from before the opening, such as winning the championship and ranking first in promotion. Those factors influenced players’ behavior on the pitch. Looking back, he said, “We are not a strong team. We are in the process of becoming a strong team. I ordered the players that any team should do it with the mindset of dealing with Managing Director Kim Cheon.” 안전놀이터

Team atmosphere is good. Coach Lee said, “The coach cannot follow the passion of the players. He said, “The players are doing better than I thought,” and he is looking forward to the opening.

Baek Dong-gyu also said, “During the first Thailand field training, it was a process of raising the body, and the will of the players was great. It seems like it is because the new players and the existing players are competing,” he said, stressing, “If it is ‘Healthy Anyang’, I think I will be able to shake off the regrets of last year.”

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