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Why are you trying to protect all the veterans when you’re rebuilding? there is a clear reason

“I have little intention of trading them in the first place.” As a result of coverage by the local media The Athletic, the Detroit Pistons want to protect their veterans as much as possible. It’s a far cry from the usual moves of rebuilding teams. However, if you look at the inside, it is understandable enough.

Local media The Athletic reported on the veteran resources of the Detroit Pistons on the 12th (Korean time).

Detroit is getting a lot of attention as a seller in this trade market. Detroit ace Boyan Bogdanovic is one of the hottest players on the trade market. Bogdanovich is a player who entered the NBA through the 2011 draft, and succeeded in reaching a belated career high in this 2022-2023 NBA regular season. He is averaging 21 points and 3.6 rebounds per game in 42 games. He is attempting 5.8 3-pointers per game and making 2.4 of them. The success rate reached 41.6%.

First of all, not only has the surface score itself increased a lot, but the production of 3-point shots can be classified as the league’s top level, so teams with problems with spacing or weak offense are coveted in the trade market. 먹튀검증

In addition, other veterans such as Alec Bucks, a guard with good air-defense balance, are also being mentioned as trade candidates.

Detroit is hovering at the bottom of the East, and this season’s direction is a club that has firmly decided on rebuilding. For Detroit, which is focusing on nurturing promising players, it is prudent in the long run to receive future assets through them.

Regarding this situation, the media said, “Contrary to people’s expectations, it is very unlikely that Detroit will be active in this trade market.” “The Pistons are demanding a very high trade package in exchange for Bogdanovich. We will trade him only when there is an offer of an unprotected first-round pick and a promising prospect with good skills,” the report said.

The media said, “The Pistons do not want to trade Bogdanovic in the first place. Same goes for Alec Burks. In the case of Sadiq Bay, it is expected to cost more than two first-round picks. Realistically, the player most likely to be traded is Nerlens Noel.”

Many NBA experts predicted that the Pistons would sell as much of their veteran players as possible in this trade market and turn them into future assets (picking rights or prospects), but the atmosphere inside is said to be otherwise.

One thing is for sure, rebuilding isn’t just about bringing together young players. A team like the Houston Rockets is a prime example. After reorganizing the roster with a focus on young guns, players are growing in the wrong direction due to lack of leadership. The rebuilding team also needs veterans to catch promising players and promote their growth.

Bogdanovic as well as the Bucks are players who can become mentors to prospects both in terms of skill and personality. It’s understandable that Detroit wants to keep them.

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