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 Why do we say ‘half volley’ in tennis?

In his heyday, Roger Federer, the ‘Tennis Emperor’, used to make good use of his technique of quickly approaching the net and subduing it in two pitches with a ‘half volley’ return in order to block the opponent’s second serve. The American press dubbed his net play ‘SABR (Sneak Attack By Roger)’. It means a surprise attack by Roger. In fact, the half-volley is more of a defensive expedient than an attack. This is because it is a surprise play when there is no time to attack with a volley.

According to the English glossary, ‘half volley’ is a combination of the noun ‘half’ which means half and the noun ‘volley’ which means to strike back. ‘half’ is derived from the Old German ‘halb’, and settled in Middle English via the Old English ‘healf’. ‘Volley’ is originally from the Latin word ‘volare’. It came into English via Old French ‘voler’ and Middle French ‘volee’. It means that everything flies. The English word ‘volley’ was first used in 1591. In sports, ‘volley’ has long been used to mean kicking a flying ball. The first sport to use this term was tennis. It was used in tennis in 1851 to mean returning the ball before it hit the ground.토스카지노

Half-volley is a skill naturally developed as tennis game technology developed along with volley. Just as there are swings and half-swings in baseball, there are half-volleys with volleys. The half-volley is a difficult shot. This is because the follow-through can be successful only when the follow-through is completed, although the posture is crouched and the backswing is not completed. It is usually used a lot when the opponent presses or gets out of position.

A half-volley is a shot between the ground stroke and the volley. Immediately after the ball lands, strike it as if hitting or pushing it. It is a method of playing by shortening the temporal interval before the bound increases. In the case of a ball that usually digs close to the foot, it is attempted when there is no time to advance and volley. In tennis and table tennis, half volleys are often played, but in soccer, half volleys are also used as a surprise attack before the ball is released.

According to Wikipedia, British Olympic silver medalists George Garridia and Ernest Lewis in the early 1900s tried many half-volley shots in earnest. It was John McEnroe (USA) who used the most powerful half-volley in tennis history. Stefan Edberg (Sweden), Pete Samplelas (USA), and Roger Federer (Switzerland) also used the half-volley as their main weapon and made their name as world-class players.

It is estimated that the Korean media used the word half-volley in soccer, tennis, table tennis, etc. from the 1960s. The Kyunghyang Shinmun, April 8, 1965, article ”Soccer’ for the village soccer movement-ABC’ explained that ‘half volley kick’, kicking the ball as soon as it hits the ground, is a skillful player’s method of kicking. did.

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