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Why NBA defenders get bone disease from blocking slim Curry

“After blocking one game, I was thinking about whether I should get a ringer.” (Dennis Schroeder, LA Lakers guard)

“Blocking him throughout the game is like telling me to die.” (Dieron Fox, Sacramento Kings guard)

There is one player that players have a hard time blocking in the NBA playoffs this season. This is why he is so hard that even if he blocks it for a moment, he will be exhausted. He is not a big player like LeBron James (39, LA Lakers) or Nikola Jokic (28, Denver Nuggets). Stephen Curry (35, Golden State Warriors), who is 188 cm tall and slim for an NBA player, is the culprit.

Curry dominates the league with his flashy dribbling and accurate 3-point shooting. He holds all the important records for 3-pointers in the league. He recorded the most 3-point shots (3390) and the most 3-point attempts (7929) in the regular league with 10 or more 3-pointers in a game 22 times.

More than that, Curry’s strength that makes his opponent lose weight is his stamina. Curry crosses the court almost non-stop at the moment of attack. The defenders are busy catching up with him. Once, sprinting for 2-3 laps along the 3-point line to distract the opponent’s defender, and once again, using fellow players’ screens (things that block the opponent’s line of movement) to run around, receive a pass, and immediately shoot a 3-point shot. shoot It’s like a swan diligently hitting the water for a flashy 3-point shot. The moment Curry misses, the 3-point shot can undoubtedly cut the rim, and the defenders suffer. Los Angeles Lakers’ Jared Vanderbilt (24), who stopped Curry in the second round of the Western Conference playoffs, said, “I once asked LeBron after a game, ‘Is Curry a marathon runner?'” and made the press conference a sea of ​​laughter.

The distance Curry moved in 11 playoff games this season was 33.4 km. 1st overall The average distance traveled per game was 4.5km, ranking 5th. The first place is Kawhi Leonard (32, LA Clippers), who moved an average of 4.8 km. However, while other players run straight once with the ball and then rest, Curry runs zigzag all the way and does not stop. The average distance traveled by all NBA players is about 3.2 km.토스카지노

Curry is a ‘target to avoid’ not only to opponents but also to players on the same team. Gary Payton II (31), who plays the role of blocking Curry during team training, shook his head, saying, “Curry runs as many distances as a football player during training,” and “really ridiculous stamina.” From his collegiate days to his professional debut, the slim, lanky Curry has been able to outsmart his grandiose rivals to become a top player in his marathon stamina and 3-point shot.

However, the second round of the playoffs (Best of 7) is struggling. Curry’s Warriors are behind the Lakers with a 1-3 record. Game 6 will be played on the 11th. You have to win all the remaining matches to commit to the next one. In another playoff game held on the 10th, the Denver Nuggets defeated the Phoenix Suns 118-102 and took a 3-2 lead. The Eastern Conference Philadelphia 76ers also beat the Boston Celtics 115-103, taking a 3-2 advantage.

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