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‘Why only our team’s pitcher… ‘ Boiling fan spirit, worst disaster → internal division… Non-full-time director system worst scenario realization

To make matters worse. Korean baseball pushed to the brink amidst the Tokyo disaster.

In the place where the unity of the Taegeuk mark disappeared like snow melting, internal divisions are accelerating. The atmosphere of cheering for the Korean national team with one mind has long since disappeared.

Now, fans of each team are opening their eyes to the ax and raising questions about the selection of players. The worst aspect of the conflict that was feared is becoming a reality. The point is, ‘Why are only the pitchers on our team overworked’ is a complaint.

The center of the controversy is Kim Won-joong (Lotte), Jeong Cheol-won (Doosan), and Won Tae-in (Samsung). Kim Won-joong and Jeong Cheol-won took the mound in all three games, including matches against Australia, Japan, and the Czech Republic. The two players, who were the core of the bullpen, also participated in practice matches against SSG, Orix, and Hanshin held in early March before the tournament. He climbed the mound in six consecutive games and threw a total of 40 to 60 pitches.메이저놀이터

Won Tae-in, who prevented a crisis by pitching against Australia and Japan, will start against China on the 13th after taking a day off against the Czech Republic.

After throwing 27 pitches in a practice game against Hanshin on the 7th, he played 26 pitches against Australia on the 9th and 29 pitches against Japan on the 10th in the finals. He appeared in 3 games in 4 days and threw a total of 82 pitches. After taking two days off, he will start again for the Chinese match.

Due to the nature of the short-term game of international competitions, frequent appearances by pitchers with good pace are inevitable.

However, because there are pitchers who rarely appear on the mound, dissatisfaction among Lotte, Doosan, and Samsung fans is relatively growing.

It is due to injuries and failure to control the pace. On top of that, as the 3-batter opponent rule overlapped, the dependence on a specific pitcher intensified.

Ko Woo-seok of LG could not play even one game due to an injury right before the tournament. On the same team, Jung Woo-young and Kim Yun-shik had poor pace and only pitched in one game. NC Gu Chang-mo, KIA Yang Hyeon-jong, Lee Eui-ri, and KT So-jun So-jun, who are slow-paced, only started in one game. Of the five left-handed pitchers I trusted, as many as four had poor pace. The same goes for bullpen nucleus Go Woo-seok and Jung Woo-young, who should be responsible for the second half of the game.

As the situation is like this, it is inevitable that some pitchers will be overloaded.

To make matters worse, the scene of Jung Cheol-won touching his arm as if he was uncomfortable in the dugout after pitching was talked about among fans, and the controversy grew. Fans are also showing a position that they will protest systematically beyond online complaints.

National team coach Lee Kang-cheol had no choice. It is a situation where there is no choice but to use a pitcher with the current available pitch. However, he cannot force a pitcher who cannot throw his own pitch to cause defeat. You have to deal with three batters unconditionally, but if you climb the mound and become a neighborhood drum, the flow of the game has no choice but to go over at that moment.

It is an undeniable fact that it is not that they do not use it, but that it is in a situation where they cannot use it.

If South Korea did well in the tournament, all this controversy could have been drowned out by patriotism. However, in the worst performance and the worst result of being eliminated from the group stage, the fan heart that lost the center of gravity of Korea is scattered to each club and is heading towards conflict.

This is one of the fatal flaws of the non-full-time national team manager system in charge of a specific club.

It is difficult to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings regardless of intentions or on-site circumstances. Korean baseball is walking the path of division amidst the disaster. The model of a family that can’t really do it is unfolding in front of my eyes.

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