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Will the next big free agency shake up professional basketball?

The first round of professional basketball free agency has come to a close, with a slew of big-name free agents.

With stars such as Oh Se-geun and Choi Jun-yong changing teams, the entire game is expected to be shaken up next season.

Reporter Jae-won Heo reports.

The first round of free agency has come to a close with Choi Joon-yong, the biggest name left on the free agent market, landing in the arms of KCC.

Choi Jun-yong, the regular season MVP of the 2021-2022 season, expressed his ambition to win a championship in a KCC uniform.

[Choi Jun-yong / Jeonju KCC forward: “Because I think every team is a championship contender, and because I think the team I’m on is the best championship contender, I’m going to warn every team, be careful.”

The next season of professional basketball has become even more intriguing as a number of big stars, including Choi Jun-yong and Oh Se-geun, have switched teams with the potential to shake up the entire game.

In particular, SK reunited Kim Sun-hyung and Oh Se-geun, who created a 52-game winning streak during their time at Chung-Ang University,

Heo Woong, and Lee Seung-hyun, and KCC with Choi Jun-yong, are expected to be the ‘absolute top two’ and compete for the title.

However, with such an ace group of players, it will be a challenge for them to organize themselves.

[Oh Se-geun / Seoul SK forward: Of course, we will play hard to win the championship, and we will try to get along with the new players without any injuries for a season so that we can contribute to the championship].메이저사이트

This year’s free agency market has been more active than ever with big stars moving on.

National team forwards such as Moon Sung-gon, Yang Hong-seok, and Chung Hyo-geun all chose to take on the challenge of a new environment.

For players who have yet to sign a contract, clubs have three days to submit an offer.

If they don’t receive an offer, they will have another five days from the 26th to negotiate with their original clubs.

YTN’s Heo Jae-won.

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