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Won Seong-jin, 1000 wins feat… Results of the LG Cup Qualifying Tournament

The 28th LG Cup Domestic Qualifiers, where 7 finalists are selected, had 7 groups of 16 rounds at the Korea Kiwon Competition Hall from 12:30 pm on the 20th.

As a result, it was compressed into a group stage quarterfinal matchup. The additional multiplier required to claim the final ticket is 3 wins. The quarterfinals will be held on the 21st, the semifinals on the 24th, and the final on the 25th. Match starts at 12:30 noon.

1st place Shin Jin-seo 9p, 2nd place Park Jung-hwan 9p, 3rd place Byeon Sang-il 9p, 44th place Ahn Guk-hyeon 9p went straight to the finals after receiving the national seed, and 4th place Shin Min-jun 9p, 5th Kang Dong-yoon 9p from the top 10 , 6th place Kim Myeong-hoon 9th place, 8th place Won Seong-jin 9th place, 9th place Kim Ji-seok 9th place, 10th place Park Geon-ho 7th place ?? They settled in the quarterfinals of different groups (7th place Lee Dong-hoon, 9th dan was absent).메이저사이트

Seong-Jin Won, 9P, won the 1000th professional win by beating Lee Yeon, 4P, a rookie in the round of 16 in Group D. It is a monumental achievement achieved 25 years after entering the professional stage in January 1998. The achievement of 1000 wins is the 17th player in the domestic Go world, and the record is 1000 wins, 1 draw and 511 losses (66.18% win rate).

There were also notable dropouts. 16th place Lee Ji-hyeon 9 dan, 18th place Park Min-gyu 8 dan (withdrawal), and 19th place Lee Won-young 9 dan drank high. On the other hand, Choi Kwang-ho, 5th dan, 67th, and Choi Jeong-gwan, 2nd dan, 153rd, joined as the protagonists of the incident. KB League coach Choi Myeong-hun, 48, 9th Dan (112th), is the only player in his 40s and the oldest to advance to the quarterfinals.

In the women’s tournament, Kim Eun-ji, 5th dan, defeated Lee Hyeon-ho, 6th dan, and Gomiso’s first dan won Kim Seong-jae, 2nd dan. Among the amateurs, Lim Ji-hyeok, who reached the semifinals in the top division of the Nosacho Cup Open last year, is the only one surviving after defeating Kim Seung-gu, the first team in the amateur rankings.

The finals, which consist of the seeds of each country and those who have passed the preliminary round, will have an opening ceremony on the evening of May 28, and will play the round of 24 on the 29th and the round of 16 on the 31st. The face-to-face finals are the first in four years. The venue is Konjiam Resort in Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do. The schedule after the quarterfinals is undecided.

The prize money for the 28th LG Cup is 300 million won for the winner and 100 million won for the runner-up. So far, the number of championships by country is equal to 12 for Korea and China, with Japan winning twice and Taiwan once. The time limit is 1 hour for domestic flights and 3 hours for main flights. The countdown is 40 seconds 5 times.

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