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‘Work ethic controversy→1-gun expulsion’ Park Gun-woo reunites with Kang Myung-ho after 13 days…what will they talk about?

NC Park Gun-woo (outfielder), who was expunged from the first team roster due to the work-ethic controversy, and manager Kang Myung-ho will meet again at Sajik Stadium, where the All-Star Game will be held on the 15th. It’s been 13 days since the game against KT in Suwon on the 2nd.

NC removed Park from the first team roster on March 3. Park’s removal from the first team was unexpected as he has been performing well this season, batting .258 (73 for 255) with seven home runs, 41 RBIs, 36 runs scored and six stolen bases. The club stated that it was “not an injury,” but various speculations ran rampant.

Before the game against Gochuk Kiwoom on the 4th, manager Kang Myung-ho said, “I’m sure everyone is curious, but I hope they don’t read too much into it. It’s true that Park Gun-woo complained of discomfort here and there during last week’s game,” he said.

“However, as a veteran, I think there are other qualities that he should have in addition to his skills. As I said when I became the head coach, I have a direction that I don’t want him to do anything that deviates from the original team. I was very disappointed with Park Gun-woo in that regard.” Lack of work ethic was the main reason for his dismissal from the first team.

Park informed the coaching staff late in the second half of the match against Suwon KT that he wanted to leave the game. It was no secret that Park had been playing through injuries, both major and minor, but the team was on a losing streak and the score was down to one run. In the ninth inning, Park Gun-woo was able to play one more at-bat, but the coaching staff wanted to make a substitution and put Choi Jung-won in his place.

Manager Kang Shin-ho ordered him to be removed from the first team immediately. Kang is known as a gentleman in the baseball world, but he never lets players off the hook when they do something that takes them away from the team.

Park Gun-woo is in the middle of the Futures’ schedule, starting with a series against the Sangsang on Friday. In five games through the 14th, he batted 3-for-5 with seven RBIs (5-for-14) and two runs scored.

Kang said, “I’m getting reports from the Futures coaches. “I don’t want to put any meaning on reflection, forgiveness, or anything like that. I feel that it’s important to play with a certain mindset and practice faithfully, so I’m going to check only that part.”스포츠토토

The team hopes that Park will return with more maturity as a veteran. It wasn’t as if there weren’t already concerns about Park’s future with Doosan. NC was fully aware of this.

Kang Myung-ho, the coach of the Nanum All-Stars, and Park Gun-woo, who was named to the Best 12 Outfielders of the Nanum All-Stars. Will the All-Star Game bring new electricity?

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