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‘World Cup youngest’ Oh Hyun-gyu “Son Heung-min took care of the reward?… All the stories are lies”

Oh Hyeon-gyu (22, Suwon), who accompanied him to the Qatar World Cup as a reserve player, explained that he had never received money from Son Heung-min.

Previously, fake news spread in the online community that Son Heung-min took care of Oh Hyun-gyu at his own expense when he did not make the final list and did not receive a reward.

Oh Hyun-gyu appeared on YouTube of Lee Chun-soo, a broadcaster from the national soccer team, which was released on the 4th, and mentioned fake news surrounding him.

Oh Hyun-gyu expressed his gratitude to Son Heung-min for choosing him as the most important player in the interview, but drew the line that all the rumors that Son Heung-min took care of the bounty at his own expense were fake news.

He emphasized, “It’s a lot of weight. It’s a lot of misrepresentation. It’s true that Heung-min hyung took good care of me, but he never personally took care of (money).” He continued, “Hyungs and all the players said, ‘I can’t get Hyungyu, so I have to give it to him.’ 토토사이트

In response, Lee Chun-soo appealed, “Please don’t write fake news. All naive people like me are fooled.”

The Korea Football Association paid 160 million won to each of the 26 national team members who returned from the World Cup in Qatar on the 15th of last month. The basic reward is 20 million won, 30 million won for victory in the third group game (against Portugal), 10 million won for a draw with Uruguay in the first game, and 100 million won for advancing to the round of 16.

Oh Hyun-kyu, who was a reserve player, received a reward of 60 million won for the group stage match, but was excluded from the reward of 100 million won for advancing to the round of 16. In response, the national team players are known to have collected their own money and prepared an additional reward of their own.

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