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“Zidane is soon France…don’t ignore it” Mbappe, French Football Association head public criticism

French national striker Kylian Mbappe (Paris Saint-Germain) recently publicly criticized the remarks of the head of the French Football Federation, Noel Legrae, who mentioned manager Zinedine Zidane.

The French Football Association announced the renewal of the contract with manager Didier Deschamps through the official website on the 7th (Korean time). Deschamps, who was initially expected to leave France at the end of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, will lead France until June 2026 in recognition of his performance in winning the World Cup runner-up. 메이저사이트

As director Deschamps extended his contract, Zidane’s future is becoming a subject of interest. Zidane has maintained his invincible status despite receiving interest from several clubs since leaving Real Madrid in June 2021. It is known that he is aiming for the position of coach of the French national team, but it has become a situation where he has to find a new job due to the renewal of the contract by coach Deschamps. He is currently being discussed as a candidate to coach the Brazilian national team.

President Le Grae received a question about coach Zidane in an interview with French media ‘RMC Sport’ after the announcement of manager Deschamps’ renewal of the contract. When asked about Zidane’s connection with Brazil, he replied, “Zidane to Brazil? I don’t know. It’s surprising. It’s up to Zidane himself. It’s none of my business.”

He even denied that he had ever spoken to Zidane over the French coaching job. “He has never met Zidane. He has never considered breaking up with Deschamps,” he said. He continued, “I don’t care at all if Zidane becomes the Brazilian coach. Zidane will go where he wants to go.”

Chairman Le Grae’s remarks had a great ripple effect. He is criticized within the French football world for remarks that lack respect for coach Zidane, a legend representing his country. Currently, Mbafe, the core of the French national team, has also publicly ‘sniped’ President Le Grae. On the 9th, he expressed his opinion through his Twitter account, “Zidane is France. We cannot commit such disrespect to Legend.”

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